To launch their new hybrid crossover, Kia cast Melissa McCarthy as an ill-fated eco-warrior in their 2017 Super Bowl spot. We took that concept and blew it out into a full digital rollout, including videos continuing Melissa's journey, a contest that let fans claim real props from the ad, real-time engagement during the big game, and wildlife adoption kits that let fans get in on the sweet eco-warrior karma.



Here's how it all came together.


digital video

These 15-second teasers kicked off Melissa's journey.



When the big game ad went live, we invited fans to become part of the story by claiming props from Melissa's journey. They could claim goodies ranging from snow shoes and Camelbak packs, to a pine cone, or a piece of glacier (melted). 



real-time tweets

We live-tweeted one of the most exciting and unpredictable Super Bowls ever (the Pats-Falcons overtime thriller), using GIFs of our content to the game, and interact with fans, celebs and other brands.


surprise & delight

When people said something positive about Melissa and the Niro work, we said thanks by sending them an honorary
eco-warrior adoption kit through WWF, featuring the rhino, penguin and whale from the spots. Folks seemed to dig it.