The toyota hall of fame

Toyota's partnership with Yahoo Fantasy Football is born from a mutual love of greatness. So we helped honor the greatest greats of America's top sedentary sport. 

2014 campaign: become hall of famous

the installation

Artifacts. Trivia. The Shiva. All inside the shimmering walls of Levi's Stadium. We put other Halls of Fame to hall of shame.

Football-phone stations provided visitors with "educational" "information."


To drive nominations, we ran these quick spots between Yahoo segments.


UPDATE! 2015 campaign: This year, it's hall or nothing.

How could we top 2014? With a new campaign, new tagline, new site, and two new additions to the Hall. 

the Fame Predictor

This technical achievement measured your potential (or lack thereof) to become a Toyota Hall of Fame great. Write-ups and icons were created for 30 different predictions.

Throw a Fantasy football

Using a Kinect sensor, we tested visitors' talents at chucking an invisible ball at virtual targets. Winners got to keep the ball. Everyone was able to get their personal highlight video sent to them via text message.


A new round of digital media drove nominations.

site refresh

We spiffed up the Hall's virtual walls with a modular design and a touch of 'tude.